Saturday, April 26, 2014

3 Photos from Scholl Studios in Chicago

Well going through my Grandma Arnold's photo collection, I came across these 3 photos. All are from J.B. Scholl studios in Chicago at 547 S Halsted St. In Chicago, IL. The building is gone now, and would be under a exit ramp from the East Bound Eisenhower to the South Bound Dan Ryan Expressways. Mr. Scholl had many different addresses for his studios over his short career. According to the Chicago photographers, 1847 through 1900 : as listed in Chicago city directories, Mr. Scholl was at this address between 1886-1888. Sadly these dates are too late for who I hoped they would be. But they give me many possibilities of who they could be, a whole world of them.
Photo 1 - Wedding Photo
Of course this photo doesn't take much explanation, It is a wedding photo for this couple. The gentleman looks proud and stately. He looks healthy and well fed. He is well groomed and appears quite comfortable in this clothing. The lady on the other had does not look as comfortable in this environment.
Picture 2 - Older Man

This photo is of a older Gentleman. Same address as the wedding photo. Just looking at the face it looks like the gentleman in the wedding photo is probably his son. The back of this photo has W. Arnold on it, but crossed out. If W. Arnold is correct than the photo below would probably be Mary Heiland. But the only child of this to wed in this time period was their daughter Catherine and Heinrich Sehring. I don't know what they look like to confirm the pictured. Of course it is just as possible it is not them.
Photo 3 - Older Lady

This photo is of a older lady, well dressed and confident.
If the 1886-1888 dates are correct this would have been before Scholl was the big prestigious studio it became well it was on State St.
If anyone has any has seen these photos or knows whom is in these pictures, I would be grateful to have that information.
Photos Courtesy of the collection of Estella Arnold
1. Chicago photographers, 1847 through 1900 : as listed in Chicago city directories:

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