Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean in a Genealogical way? We all have relatives that mean something to us, for us genealogist we probally have a lot of them. But not all of us have ones that served in the miltarty that we know of. Like I have many dinstant relatives that served, but I do not have any close ones that served. I have my sister that I give a lot of credit for her tour of duty in Iraq and 2 visits to Afghanastan. I love her and am so proud of her for her contribution. But, I can't write a blog on her history since she is my age and still alive. 

Past her though my ancestors are baren of War. weather this in positiev or not, I guess it's good for me since I'm here on this beutiful earth and will be able to enjoy a majestic Minnesota sunset tonight. Memorial Day isn't just about the town celebrations and parades though. We want to remember our troops, our past and those who gave to shape our country. 

A number of years ago, I took one of my dad's uncles to the local Memorial Day Parade. He was in his upper Eighties, and was still full of love and life. He never served in the military, but well we watched the parade, he went back to his younger days when he lived in the area. He stared telling stories of his friends that were in the different wars, some were distant family members, some were locals I knew, and some were complete strangers.  But he was proud of them and their contributions. I wish I could have recorded everything he has told me in the past, but alsa he is gone now and I can only write down his stories that he told me. 

Also remember our hereos did not have to wear a uniform. My Grandparents did not fight, but my Grandma and her sister worked in the factory making the parts in WWII. Without thier collective contributions and support the wars could have had a different outcome. 

So this Memorial Day when your at your great town festivals, watching a parade or sitting around the backyard to remmeber those who served and helped in all capacities and tell the stories of those before us and my dad's Uncle did. Also stop and say thank you to a service member and ask them thier story. Most would be elated to tell you thier story. 

Uncle Erwin, RIP I hope you knew hope much those stories and those days driving around in the country ment to me. 

Ashley, thank you very much for your service, and I love you.

To all the others that served, Thank you very much. I hope everyone has a blessed and peacefull Memorial Day.